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“My mattress has too many curves and angles, you can’t possibly make a mattress to fit our boat.”

This is the beginning of many of our conversations, but fortunately it is never the end. That is because from your first inquiry through delivery our factory trained staff will work with you to provide the needed support to correctly measure and assess your requirements.




All of our products are custom made to any shape, size and thickness. Our diverse styles of mattresses will accommodate virtually all comfort, support or size requirements plus unlike many specialty mattresses, we can ship them directly to your location anywhere.

There is a big difference in so called “marine mattresses”. All of our Luxury Sleep Systems are engineered for marine environments. Call us and find out why our customers are saying:

“We will be spending more nights on our boat now in greater comfort.”



In addition to everyday savings of hundreds of $$$ compared to nationally advertised products we are offering for a limited time,

Free Standard Delivery

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